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Well guys thanks to some wonderful
generous people I now have some new cobs to update this
page with!! :). Also if you are looking for some progs that used to be on here they are now located on the Utilities page with other utility progs for your game. Just trying to organize the drawers on my site is all!!

On this page you will find a list of COB'S. These I found surfing the net and other Creature's site's. I have found them very cool and useful. Although I can not take credit for making them I must commend those who did. I am regretful to admit I did so much surfing I don't remember where I got what, So if the creator would like to take credit for there COB Please Email me and I will give you the credit.

Most of these files are .zip files so you will need Winzip to un zip them. Most of them when you unzip them come with instuctions or self install for you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

*The Comfort Fluffy Toy 4.81 kb
This file was created by Jessica.

*Dancing Crystals 28 kb
This file was created by Frimlin. It will encourage your norns to dance and be happy.

* Chicken Soup 9 kb
This file was created by Norn UnderGround. Chicken soup is not only healthy for your norns but they will love to drink it and then play with the empty bowel.

* Dr.Pepper Cob 91 kb
This file was created by Norn Godand Mankind.
. Your norns will LOVE to drink Dr.Pepper.

* Aquarium Cob 4 kb
This file was created by Annette Hoo's Creatures 2

* Norn Doll 8 kb
A Spirit creation; the Norn doll looks just like a minature norn I believe it takes away from need for pleasure in your Norn's. Mine love to play with it.

* Pegasus 22 kb
This file is a Spirit Creation; the Pegasus hangs on the wall and when your Norn's play with it, It power's up your Norn's. Mine love to play with this one also.

* The Rose of Romance 4 kb
A Spirit creatioon; the Rose of Romance is like an aphrodisiac for your Norn's it boost's there breeding drives.

* Scarlet Puffer Fish 75 kb
Spirit created this file and it is a must have for C-2! The Scarlet Puffer swims in any water and will save any drowning Norn's. Not only save them but give a lesson about jumping into the water for a swim. Hoping they won't do it again.

* Cartman 1.07 mb
Yeah just what you are thinking this file is based on the T.V show South Park. Cartman walks around mingling with your norns and cleaning up there messes and any other that happens to get in his way. Veiwer discretion is adviced.

* Kenny 99 kb
Kenny again is from South Park. He walks around with your norn's and they grab him and eat him and Cartman start's to screem out. "They killed Kenny" it is a real hoot to watch all this go on. Veiwer discretion is adviced.

* Zummy Fish 159 kb
The zummy fish add another attractive fish to the sea for your norn's to eat. It also include's a fishing rod update so your norn's can catch zummy fish from the sea.

* Goldenrod 5 kb
Another Spirit creation; Goldenrod is injected into Albia using the injection kit. It look's like real Goldenrod and provides a good medicinal purpose for your norn's.

* Encyclopedia 48 kb
The encyclopedia is a must have for teaching your norn's the absolute most and it works alot quicker then the computer's provided in C-2. It was made by Slink.

* Breathing Unit 33 kb
The Breathing Unit helps your norn's out when they go swimming, just inject it when your norn jump's into the sea and place it beside them and it will provide them with enough air to get them back to shore.

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