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Pegasus's Icq and Hot Bar Skinz

Hi!!! I hope you enjoy my skinz as much as I liked making them!!! I have devided them into categories to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Icq skins you need to have the icq plus in order to install but it is easy to download and install and only takes you a second. The Hot Bar you need the Hot bar installed in order to use my skin center. When you go to my skin center you may be asked if you want to download the Hot bar Installation just chose yes and follow instructions...if not you can go to and download it at their site!!. If you are really unsure about some of this you can visit my moms icq and hot bar skinz and she will explain it a little more at Mystify's Icq And Browser Skinz.


ICQ Before

ICQ After

Icq Skinz Downloads

Blue Unicorn Icq Skin

Pegasus Icq Skin

Pegasus Glow Icq Skin


It is easy to install the hotbar from the page especially if you are already using hotbar...just click on the image you chose on the skinz page and wait for it to download and you are ready to go with your new browser and it works instantly changing your browser to the chosen image.

Browser Before

Browser After

HotBar Downloads

Fantasy Hot Bar Skinz

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