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If you are considering entering a web competition with your webpage take the time to look around and look into the rules and chose the one that you think will have the most fairness for ALL fighters. Also be prepared because the web competition is lots and lots of work and time!! I was in the Brawls for many months and it took up hours out of my days I won the summit 3 times in a row and was going for the Main Event. I did not really care if I won or lost as long as it was fun and fair. I was competing against a team captain of two teams and I thought this was unfair and it bothered me so my mom asked about it..well from that point on the web brawls was a total nitemare!! Nasty letters about being a sore losers and everything!! I am not a sore loser but I believe in fair play...many competitions dont allow team captains to participate and I would advise you to compete with a web competition with this rule. Otherwise you could spend many months in a competition just to finally make it to the top to compete an unworthy and no cause final battle. I have decided because of my own experience not to compete anymore because this competition took my spirit for the fight. To make matters even worse I did come in second and was promised a second prize winning and I NEVER even recieved that!! I have heard that the Fantasy Fights is a great web competition to fight for and are very strict about their captains competing against regular competitors and did think about entering them so maybe if you are thinking of entering the competitions that would be a good place for you to start looking into. I would like to say that I did meet some wonderful supporters that were true and faithful to me and I will always be thankful for that experience.

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